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Nurowerx CEO Interview with MassDevice

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

MassDevice provides day-to-day coverage of the medtech and medical device industry, with stories about devices that save lives, the people behind them and the trends driving businesses forward.

Who is Nurowerx?

Nurowerx is a medical technology company focused on the advancement of human performance with a vision to develop and deliver innovative solutions that enable people to live their best lives.

What does Nurowerx do?

Currently, we are focused on wearable technologies that can monitor and optimize physical and mental well-being. This technology will allow patients to connect with healthcare providers remotely, enabling more convenient and accessible care.

Are there any other applications for this technology?

Sure, we are currently exploring integration with augmented reality or virtual reality technologies that enhance training and rehabilitation efforts, helping people to recover from injuries or surgeries more quickly and effectively. There is also a space for this technology in devices or therapies that improve mobility, such as exoskeletons or brain-machine interfaces that allow people with disabilities to walk or move again.

What is your overall goal with Nurowerx?

The goal of Nurowerx is to provide people with the tools and resources they need to achieve their full potential and live healthy, active lives. This involves working closely with healthcare providers and other experts to develop evidence-based solutions that are backed by science and proven to be effective. It also involves engaging with customers and other stakeholders to understand their needs and preferences, and continuously improving and updating our products and services to meet their evolving needs.

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